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Juvenu's products have been rigorously tested in both laboratories and hospitals and have been demonstrated to support healthy skin for all types. They support the healthy balance that exists in the human body's natural immune system. Juvenu subscribes to the idea that, with the proper support, our skin will achieve its most healthy and lustrous state. 

Clinical Study Results

The effects of Sanarever® on hair loss were examined in a clinical study conducted in 2020 at National Taiwan University. It focused on a group of 30 people exhibiting signs of male-pattern baldness. The research revealed that when using Sanarever® for two months, researchers observed that 90% of the testers increased hair density in the affected areas of the scalp, and that the diameter of the shafts of individual hairs had improved.


The study demonstrates that a synthesized fluid consisting of soybean probiotics improves the eco-system of the microorganisms on the scalp and shows increased hair density and hair regrowth in patients with male-pattern baldness.

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