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Our Clinical Background

Juvenu's use as a skincare product was discovered accidentally by a medical team when they were developing a treatment for diabete. Many diabetic patients struggle to heal from disease-induced wounds and, therefore, require limb amputation; some even die.


The active ingredient in Juvenu demonstrated remarkable results in helping diabetic patients to heal from their wounds. In over two hundred clinical trials, Sanarever® healed chronic wounds of the elderly at the same pace as that of young people. The same level of performance was seen in aging facial skin, inhibiting inflammation, and hair loss, bringing satisfactory results.

This cutting-edge work in the treatment of diabetes has resulted in Juvenu's probiotic-based treatments for renewing the skin, helping maintain its natural balance, and promoting anti-aging.

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Healthy, sustainable, and natural skin

A message from the CEO:

Traditionally, people have often tended to use thick serums, and moisturizers with silicone to lock in moisture. The problem with this method, however, is that users create an unhealthy cycle in which the thick moisturizers get stuck in the skin’s pores, and it makes it more difficult to wash off. Therefore, you end up using more moisturizer and more cleanser to get rid of the moisturizer, creating a never ending, unhealthy cycle.


After Juvenskin was created, I was so relieved that this became as available option. The probiotic innovations found in Juvenuskin’s proprietary formula are gentle, yet highly effective, and have many applications for other common skin issues, not just those found on the face. Probiotic research promises to develop many other applications in the future.​ 

Juvenu products have undergone thorough laboratory and hospital testing and have been shown to promote healthy skin for all skin types. The availability of Juvenu has not only changed my skin, but also the skin of those around me.

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