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Minus and Add: Minimizing Your Skincare Routine for Maximum Results

Avoid Over-Cleaning and Over-Exfoliating

Over-cleaning and over-exfoliating can be just as damaging to the skin microbiome as avoiding cleaning and exfoliating altogether. When bacteria on the skin are disrupted too much, it removes the balance essential for healthy skin. It can kill the good bacteria on the skin when over-cleaned, leaving it vulnerable to infections, inflammation, and other skin issues.

Using probiotic skincare products like Juvenu can help to strengthen the skin microbiome. Probiotic skincare uses good bacteria to replenish the skin microbiome and to help the skin maintain its natural balance. Probiotic topical products can help to reduce inflammation and irritation, improve the skin's texture and tone, and restore a healthy natural glow.

Do we really need AHA and BHA exfoliating? Go check About AHA and BHA page.

Fewer ingredients

You can look at the ingredients of each product and see if there are any that are unnecessary. Some products have dozens of ingredients listed when only a few are actually necessary.

Check Juvenu’s ingredients

Minus The Silicone

You should avoid silicone-based products if you have oily or acne-prone skin. It can produce a soft feel but is difficult to break down in nature. Silicone makes a thin film on the skin, which may make it harder for other ingredients to get into the body.

Due to the way silicones are made, dirt, sweat, bacteria, and other cellular waste can get stuck in them. Because of this, using silicones in your skincare routine for a long time can cause acne and skin irritation.

Sealing fresh oxygen out of the skin can also cause cell turnover to slow down, and old cells may not fall off because they are sealed to the skin. This makes it harder for the skin to produce new skin cells, which can make the skin look dull and dry and feel rough over time.

You can also read the ingredients list on the back of the product's packaging. Anything with the endings -cone or -siloxane is a silicone.

Other names for silicone used in beauty products are:

  • Dimethicone

  • Cyclomethicone

  • Cyclohexasiloxane

  • Cetearyl methicone

  • Cyclopentasiloxane

Add Only If Necessary

After minimizing the products and ingredients in your routine, the next step is to see if there is anything else you should add.

Products like our Juvenu serum contain hyaluronic acid that can hydrate the skin and hold water, deeply replenish moisture and enhance the skin's resilience through our active ingredients.

To use, apply Juvenu serum directly after washing your face and when your skin is still moist.

For most skin types, the Juvenu serum is usually enough to provide adequate hydration and nourishment. However, if you have dry skin, normal skin, or combination skin, adding an extra layer of oil or cream may be beneficial to help seal in moisture.

In addition, if you have acne-prone or oily skin, it is important to avoid products containing silicones, as they can trap dirt and bacteria, leading to further skin irritation.

Our All-in-one serum is sufficient to combat the sticky and humid summers in Asia. However, if you're in Las Vegas, you may need to use a cream in addition to the serum. If you notice that your skin appears dull in the afternoon, it could be an indication of insufficient water retention throughout the day. Add a cream only if your skin requires it.

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